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One-click Hedging Instruction [Web]
2020-12-25 11:32

How to use one-click hedging?

1. Open the Bibox Web and click on the "Bot" entry on the top.


2. Find "One-click hedging" in the strategy list, and click "Set up bot" to create strategy.


3.  In the pop-up, set the token and quantity of it to be hedged, and click "Confirm the submission" to start.


4. After running the one-click hedging, you can see the current running hedging details in the "running bots"-"one-click hedging".




1. What is the one-click hedging earnings model?

The one-click hedging program will calculate the number of tokens invested and short the same amount. Users are able to collect funding rate fee through short hedge to make a profit.


2. What are the costs of one-click hedging?

Except for the normal taker fee when opening and closing positions, no other fees will be incurred.


3. Is it possible to lose money in one-click hedging?

Yes, if the market conditions change and the funding rate becomes negative, one-click hedging may lose money. It is recommended that after creating a one-click hedging, users should always pay attention to changes in funding rate to avoid losses.


4.What should I do if I encounter ADL on a short hedge?

If there is a large number long orders warehouse to wear in the exchange, according to the ADL rules, the hedging short orders will also enter the ADL sequence. if your hedging order is being executed ADL, the system will reopen the corresponding number of short orders. The resulting trading fee and the fee of difference between the opening and closing positions shall be borne by the users.

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