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Bibox COIN Swap Instructions [Web]
2021-01-08 08:49

1. Log in www.bibox.com and click “Futures” to enter the COIN swap trading page.


2. After successfully entering COIN swap trading page, you can click “Assets Transfer” to transfer the master account assets into the contract account. 


3. Please choose “Transfer” in the pop-up window and enter the amount you wish to transfer. Click confirm to complete assets transfer.


4. After asset transfers completed, users can check the status of the current assets in the Contract Assets located at the lower right corner.


5. Choose the contract type you want to trade. (For example: BTCUSD) 


6. Please enter the price and position according to the current market performance and choose the leverages according to your risk tolerance to complete an order. Please choose “Long” when you predict an upward price trend and choose “Short” vice versa. 


7. You can check the current order status in “open orders” when an order is successfully placed.


8. You can check the positions you build in “Position” when your order is matched.


9. You can close your position by entering closing price and conts in “Position” or directly select "Close all" to operate.


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