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About the future
2020-11-20 10:48

Bitcoin and the distributed technology are profound creations that provide alternative solutions to the problems we are facing in the monetary, financial and other industrial systems. Inequality, monopoly, and authoritarianism are all driven by the state control over currency in some way or shape. As the world gets to know more about Bitcoin and its underlying ideas, power will shift in a decentralized manner globally. We venture to say that more governments would respect human dignity, value and competence and more small-scale companies will provide valuable and customizable service to customers. Although equality of outcome is not only impossible but dangerous, the ideas Bitcoin and decentralized networks promote are very supportive of creating a level playing field.


There is nothing fairer than an individual participating in the next financial revolution with only a cheap cellphone that has internet connection. There will a future where no bank, no tedious application process, no permit is needed, and every individual enjoys more freedom to create their future.


Bitcoin and its ideas hope to help achieve human freedom in a very unusual way in the 21st century.

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